Gaspard Bos

Hi there, I am Gaspard, named and raised in French Switzerland for a while, a natural creative that as soon he could draw, drew an enormous airplane on the wall of the living room to the mixed emotions of his physicist parents who have always told him to do what he loves. Having so much to love has led me to pursue a wide array of goals in music with my band(s) and in sports as well as in my profession where I combine a love for cultures with a love for technology.

Design/engineering is my profession and social/circular design is my expertise and that is why I am artist/entrepreneur. New State of Matter is the latest incarnation of that and before that it was Better Future Factory and before that even Reiger+Studio.

I stated teaching when I became a student assistant in the minor Sustainable Design at TU Delft where I still teach and have gone on to teach the same kind of things at the Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam as well.

I have been making music since I was 15 when I took up the guitar and almost immediately started playing in bands. I also have a knack for organizing musical events, starting out with ‘Cabincore’ band nights in Hilversum, then onto Delft and now sometimes in Rotterdam.

I currently live with my girlfriend in Rotterdam West. She teaches gender studies in Utrecht and is doing Phd research on migration in Europe and is the love of my life.


Connect with me in all these ways:

Follow me leaning languages on

Memrise and Duolingo

Come train with me at the DANSH URBAN GYM (closed until it opens in a new spot in Rdam North)

and dance with me at the HipHopHuis.