I recently did a solo gig in which I’m exploring new styles of music. It’s a bit more synth than guitar oriented.

Currently I am in the band Me Like You and we are teaching ourselves the recording process in our self-built studio at the Keilewerf, Rotterdam. One of those tracks you can listen to on I am the lead singer and guitarist (baritone) and our thing is to loop live.

I am also teaching myself to play the piano even though I can’t read notes. I bought a piano for 100 euros at Piekfijn and tuned it myself. All with tutorials from youtube.

I have recorded some old stuff that you can find on

before that I was in the bands

and that used to be called ‘Goodnight Gracie


Push Unit of which I could only find evidence here

my first band was called ‘Thin Lines’ and I played bass


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